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  1. so the game updated after not playing for 1-2 months now every time I login my peeps are either partially or totally entombed. when it loads there is a error message in the bottom left corner that flickers in red writing for 1/2 sec but cannot make it out. Sometimes they are entombed in the concrete below the portal and cannot save them at all sometimes there is one ought of the dirt so i can dig out. But its like they layers are shifted when i have managed to get out geysers will be behind rocks rather than in cavities. any ideas? Also getting error message when trying to save and am forced to create a new save, (can't just go into menu and click save anymore). Tried uninstalling and re-installing to no effect. Save file uplaoded. Sometimes they are ONI UPLOAD SAVE.sav
  2. I believe this is the right one I have so many! The Regrettable Crashpad.sav
  3. OMG same day second bug! haha bad day. Today as soon as i started a new game, i got a food shortage warning even though my ration box is filled to the brim!
  4. yes i didnt want to loose my save so i tried a few times on different days and stuff but ghost puft is still there
  5. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know of a bug I came across today, sorry if it has already been reported. I let a Puft wander into my base today and it started pooping everywhere. So I tried to kill it. I killed it but it didn't disappear and although it has no health and says slain, it is still flying around pooping. please see screenshots. Now i basically have to restart the game because i cant attack him anymore and he will just go on pooping for eternity.