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  1. Looks like it nows works like all circuit status, so if you total voltage will be more then any piece of wire can accept, then any piece of wire can be broken (If i not wrong, even those one which not connected, for example if you connect high voltage and low voltage and which is going to nowhere). And yes would like it to be changed, so you can place big wire in the center and small on the sides, like the tree.
  2. P.s. it also makes player to design better base, so I guess it's a part of game play.
  3. You can not set filter of not available material, even if you had it. At least for food.
  4. With the same priority it should work like it is working now, first finish current job, then go for another.
  5. That is easy to check, build it in vacuum and activate... Ok, I have checked it, yes, it does not produce dioxide. coal_gen.avi
  6. What do you mean? In order to select material I have to click on material tab, or it will be selected automatically. Oh I only now found that material is written near cursor
  7. The problem is that if dupe is doing something and you will give him task, he will ignore you, confirmed on generators, watch video. dupe_priority_ignore.avi
  8. It does not matter what temperature gas or liquid is, they don't interact. Here is +1200 °C hydrogen and +50 °C water:
  9. Sometimes it has strange buggy sprite.
  10. When you select building chosen material is not displayed, you need to click every material in the list and only after that it will be displayed. P.s. It's better to use yellow color for chosen material, or write it near cursor, as it really important what material to build from.
  11. If you have some deconstruction which is unreachable, game will not show that it is uncharitable.
  12. So, you can have -100C air in +100C pipe and neither pipe or air temperature will be changed (game shows then air temperature changes, but when air will be moved temperature is reset). Here I gave made some example, air temp will be cooled down, but then instantly raised, also pipes does not heat: abyss_pipe_conduct.sav pipe_conduct_bug.avi
  13. Sometimes, molten water displayed incorrectly, which really confusing. Here is example, 200 grams of polluted water: But it is displayed like there is 1000 kg.
  14. You can change termo switch setting and will be applied instantly, it does not need to be toggled by dupes.
  15. Some animations, like jumping is not affected by athletics, so it does not matter which athletics you have, it will be always at fixed speed.
  16. The problem is set, after playing a while you dupes becomes very fast. I know people can be very fast, but not faster a bullet. And now I have only "runners" in the game:
  17. The problem is that, in order to set storage filters you need to have materials, that's fine, but what if I want to create storage before having material? Simple example: I build food storage and want Meal Lice to be there, but I always produce Liceloaf and don't have Meal Lice, so in order to set that storage I must wait until my crops grow, then dupes harvest it and only after that I can set that storage, insanity. I like you "spoiler system", so player dont see materials he don't achieved yet, but I think in need to be improved, I think you need to show not materials which player has, but which he already had. Also, interesing "feature" as filter is set, but you don't see it:
  18. So, phosphorite can not be stored in compactor and it lays around and heating my cool air / water and my eyes.