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  1. But it have to stop when surroundings too hot or too cold:
  2. Gas pump seems to pump all corners except right up. So in order to create vacuum in the room you will need to wait until gas tile will become 1mcg and will be destroyed by game. pump_not_pumping.avi
  3. This one is not listed
  4. Then strength is worthless skill, I should better take quick learners...
  5. When airlock set to open state it is consuming energy continuously. airlock_energy_bug.avi
  6. Carry weight has wrong calculation formula, e.g. if you have 8 strength it adds +120kg instead of 720 (120%, 600 * (1 + 1.2) = 1320 kg, 600 kg is default).
  7. Every ten minute or so game freezes for 5-30 seconds. output_log.txt new_tita_1.sav
  8. but in that case overwriting is working as canceling, here is not (due to floating point, or maybe...)I scale UI to insert more accurate values.
  9. Some panels do not close after hitting esc, e.g. click on any building, move mouse over priority numbers and now hit esc, hint panel will not disappear.
  10. If you will open "Save as" panel and then hit esc, menu will close, but not this panel.
  11. There is some problems with newly digged materials (maybe there is also another way to achieve these bug, but this one seems to work). Video - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B81zMPcRWf9Cd2VudzFTUFhuQjQ
  12. I guess it was about 600, now I have only 780. I guess problem is in manual generators, as I have been using only them for producing energy. abyss_13.sav
  13. The problem, if say I want to set 10 g/s I need to change resolution and ui scale, then spend about minute, then change resolution back, wait I want to cancel, ok change resolution again, ui scale again, spend some minutes, then turn screen back. Yeah, it's definitely OK. So, if any job in this game can be canceled, why this one can not be, i drag and drop cancel tool on it and it does not work, so I guess it's is can be called a bug.
  14. If you give task to change valve flow rate,then you can not cancel it.
  15. Dupes with high athletics and interrupted sleep debuff are moving like ghosts. ghost_moving.avi
  16. Too low atmospheric pressure + low conduction gas cause it to overheat. Dude, thermal regulator should be build somewhere faraway in nowhere, as it takes heat directly from air + operation cost and puts it into itself (build it near your wheezewort and fill area with hydrogen). Or go another way and use water cooling system (drop some water on it), but keep in mind that water will be heated, and one time you will have to deal with it (you can use glitch with moping high temperature water). Have fun! Here is some example (this system is quite bad, don't use it )
  17. If you want a dupe move to somewhere and will cancel, cursor will not disappear. In order to hide cursor you need to give move order with LMB.
  18. Cool, finally I will not reload my game due to this issue (long term game requires a lot of time to reload)
  19. Finally, looks like I took care about it. 20 cycles and no game crash (got about 30 game crashes before). So, I more than sure that problem is in that zero seed.
  20. I guess that is fine, try to freeze oxygen and then evaporate it and see what happens, that's normal because oxylite like liquid oxygen evaporate at "high" temperature (but ignoring liquid form, looks like it is some chemical reaction or so... I need to ask my scientists...).
  21. What do you know about heat...
  22. If you place unconnected valve, you can not change required pressure (you can, but dupes will not go and change it).
  23. Zero seeds cause crash when tried to be planted by game. seed_autoplant_crash.zip