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  1. If win little, complain, if win lot, complain. Klei is not forcing anyone to buy. Just enjoy the event, and claim less.
  2. In the Klei folder located in the Documents folder you may see some names like: Cluster. Inside this folder contains the world generated by each slot, for example: Cluster_1 (Slot 1). The world is in the Master and Caves folder. You and your friend can do some tests to solve this problem, as it is something unusual, but in doubt, improvise. Test 1 - After it attempts to spawn the world, the button changes to Resume World, then tell it to go to the World Cluster Slot folder, and check that the Master / Master and Caves folders are filled with the world files. If the files are there, the world is being prevented from proceeding. Here are some of the alleged reasons: 1 - Permission to host, 2 - Generated world corrupted. To solve the host problem, it is necessary to see some details: 1 - Administrator permission for the user, 2 - Check if the computer has enough requirement to be a host, because a host consumes much more memory than a user. (I believe that firewall can not be, because as it is to host, the firewall would not block, only if it was inbound connections) To solve the corrupted world problem you can follow these steps: 1 - Generate the world in some slot and then send the world to your friend (Master / Caves), and then tell your friend to delete the Cluster folders. Here are the folders you should transfer to your friend. Example: In the same folder : Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1 create a file named cluster.ini In this file paste the following code: Create a file in the same folder named: cluster_token.txt The token can be generated within the game by clicking the Profile button and clicking the button responsible for generating the token, after that paste the token in this file, and tell it to start the world. Test 2 - If in case his problem is not per host, he can try to host the world with dedicated server. As there is already a post on this, I will be leaving the link below. I recommend generating a world with Caves, because it gives to enjoy much more thing. Link: My English is not very good, so I counted on the help of google translate because I'm Brazilian, but I hope you understand and help you.
  3. One question: If you and your friend join the server created by another player, does the same error occur?
  4. Hello I'm having some problems with my generated worlds. They are all being generated with a high rate of "Entity Count". I've never had problems with it, but it seems that after the last update Rev. 270528, the world is always being generated that way. Note: The worlds generated with Caves are not having problems, only without Caves, in Online and Offline mode.High Entity Count rates rauses revere lags Without Caves: Entity Count is in the range of 10000-18000 when entering the world for the first time. With Caves: Entity Count is in the 1000 range when entering the world for the first time.
  5. I have solved my problem, thanks.
  6. I think the first option you could try would be to create a world without mods and analyze if it is some mod that is causing the problem.
  7. This problem occurs to me too, however I solve it in a simple way, I just close the steam and open again as administrator, because closing the steam all supposed running games will be closed.
  8. If you have skins you will probably be able to use it if the world is in online mode enabled, otherwise you can not use the skins.
  9. I already had a similar problem to yours, try to rollback, maybe the moment you left the game must have had some problem when saving, so giving a rollback will probably work since it will give a "backup".
  10. Hello, I'm having some problem with DST. I can play DST without lags, but after some time, I realized that the game starts to give lags when I mouse over the inventory items, and I came to the conclusion that it is something called "lua mem", and I do not know exactly what is this. When I press the backspace, in the upper left corner I see this description "lua mem" and I notice that when the world starts, the first 2 digits are around 30-32, but when it increases to 35, 36, the lag begins to appear, so I believe it is some memory problem, however my computer has 12GB of RAM, and I use almost nothing. I wanted to know if there is any way to free up more memory for DST to use from my computer, to avoid these lags. I have already done a test with and without mods, and it always happens. I have also done files integrity in steam and continue, I believe it is not a problem of bad installation. Sorry for the English, because I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator, but I really like this game and I needed to come here to take this question with the devs. My Computer Specifications: - 12GB RAM Memory - AMD FX 8320E - Octa core 3.2ghz - AMD RX 460 4GB - Windows 7 64bits