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  1. Eh, I think I was reading the g as kg by mistake in my save after closer inspection. But still, after I realized that I was out of slime I noticed that the distillers do function but I hit the fast forward button to observe the distillers as they worked and I noticed that it doesn't tell you how much algae is being produced when you click on them. It just states that 0.0 algae per second is being produced and only when the algae decides to pop out of the distillery it will flash up for about a second and state that 3333.33 g of algae is being produced per second. At first glance it would appear as if the distillers are doing absolutely nothing since the pop up display displays the "algae produced per second" as 0. Also, I had 2 pufts floating around all the way up to cycle 50 on that map so I was a bit surprised to learn that I was indeed already out of slime. Partially due to my inability to correctly read g vs kg. I'm not sure how much slime the pufts are supposed to be able to produce by themselves but I'm going to study it in another save and see how it works. It turns out the bio distillers are not as much of a waste of time as i thought. I'm sure as the game gets developed balancing and tweaking will happen. Also, somehow I lost a puft somewhere. Also, it appears as if every time algae is produced out of a distiller it claims that 3333.33 g are produced per second so I'm guessing that is the rate at which it is consistently produced even when it claims 0 algae is being produced. It's hard to tell though since the numbers only flash up when it pops algae out. So, it makes me think upon first glance that only 3333 g of algae is produced out of one distiller only 3 times a day. But I'm honestly not sure because when I look at the ground there's 20 kg or over 100 kg of algae sitting in front of the distillers ready for collection. Maybe because the dupes haven't collected from that pile in a while or the distillers produce more than what they appear to, I don't know. I didn't do any hard core math or anything like that but I observed it more closely like this. I hate to leave a misleading bug report in this section considering the thousands of others that are already here. Thanks for your comment Cheerio.
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one witnessing this problem, although I was surprised to see that no one else had hardly reported it before me. Unless I missed it. There are quiet a bit of bug posts here. lol
  3. After creating multiple bio distillers with pipes and power connected - they attempt to function but it appears as if the mechanic is not finished. Several problems arise when using them. First a "resource shortage" message indicates that there is no slime even when you have an abundance of slime not only in storage but also laying around everywhere from the little puff fish as indicated in the top right "resources" display that shows you how much of your resources are available. When that issue isn't happening the duplicants will go and gather up like 10 x as much slime as necessary at once and go and throw it in a single bio distiller even when you have multiple distillers. Then the bio distiller will cease to function and the slime disappears with no algae production as if the required slime was not just collected and delivered. The duplicants will keep doing this and the problem will keep repeating as long as slime is available. Algae is hardly ever produced but when I was able to get it to function the display that pops up when you click on an object for the details and stats indicates that no algae is being produced even when the bio distillers are functioning. Very little algae is produced when it does manage to work. Like 10 kg at a time which is a major waste of time, ultimately leading the duplicants to their eventual demise due to the finite amount of algae available in the map forcing the player to lean on more advanced oxygen production methods such as through a finite water supply.