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  1. WIP - Kindred (League of Legends)

    I saw the old mod from and I was kinda bummed it wasn't finished. I play League of Legends so I kinda loved the idea.

    I don't really mod though, but I can draw! So I decided to improve on the assets the prev. Lamb mod did and made Wolf, too! All in one day! I can't get it to work though, I tried sticking to tutorials but I kinda ended up botching the scripts I think? idk

    I thought of stats for this character, but I wanted MORE! I wanted this mod to be like:
    - Lamb starts with unlimited bow-and-arrow uses (from the archery mod ) but can only deal enough damage to kill prey creatures (a.k.a. the swift death in her lore)
    - Wolf, I wanted him to be like Wendy's Abigail, doing most of the damage in the kit and being just a floaty boi. Summoned using the Mark of the Kindred item or whatever at any time of the day.
    This is all just concepts though, I have no modding skills whatsoever to make a working follower with Ghost animations (cause wolf is kinda built like that) and I'm satisfied with just doing the art. It was fun lol.

    To whomever can see this and knows how to mod, be my guest please if you want to see what's wrong with this mod haha. I'd love it if anyone of y'all can make it work! I'd love to play them. :3


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