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  1. Loaded into Game after work ( + Small update from last night) all is well in the start of my new base. Then noticed I'm running low on food and my Terrariums are not working. The game believes I have no water! Top right Water KG = 0kg. Picture clearly shows plenty Bug? or Because of update?
  2. Snow Biome? Till this last 8 meg patch I came charging into a new game, Cut open a small base, Throw down 2x small batteries next to each other and then the food maker and both science buildings int he same small gap, Patch comes along and now I can't even get a single small battery to work. let alone mine all the way to a snow biome just to kick start the game with a small battery. I think something broken, I have never even seen a small battery break till a few hours ago.
  3. I believe this is the same bug that I submitted, so thought I would post here. Over heating happens in seconds for things like the super computer. Gas pressure is good/better than I normally bother with. Started again after this 8 meg patch because of overheating, Thought I made a mistake, But I can't for the life of me even get a game off the ground like this. Artazan.
  4. Hi guys, Just restarted after the patch due to suddenly over heats and though tI had made mistakes. But updated the game an hour or so ago the patch was like 8 meg or something, not even sure what it was for. Bug Details. -Started new game and made a small batteries. - 3 cycles later it over heated. (gave it allot more room and it still over heats) -I only made 3 bars of mush before the maker over heated, (remade the maker gave it 4x8 in both directions and it still over heated) - Made a super computer, i made less than 3 techs before it overheated. I'm sure there is allot more to this overheating thing, but I can't get that far into the game to test. Game is currently Utterly unplayable! Hope this helps, Artazan Resolved, Re-installed. No idea what happened. Fixed now though.
  5. Just made a post about this, Probably put it in the wrong place, but wanted to submit a bug report then I saw this, I have the same Issue I will submit a new bug report though. It goes deeper than small batteries, its also the food maker and Super computer as well. Games unplayable.
  6. About an hour ago, maybe more or less, 10pm UK time, I did an 8MB update, Game is now unplayable for me. New game, everything is good, Till heat kicks in, - Small batteries have a be 6 squares from anything in order to make them work for approx 20 mins before they over heat. - Making food lets me make 6 mush before the building over heats, (building has a 8x8 square space to its self, no joy) - Super computer over heats after seconds, (this is the worst as there is no tech to cool anything down untill you have learnt it with super computer) Games seems impossible to play, before this 8MB patch game was very fun.. I think a mistake has been made somewhere, Hope this helps. Artazan.