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  1. The Areo Pot can only be created with diamond (at least as far I know so far). Diamond says that it increases the decor +100% (doubles it). When you place any plant in it the value displayed in all forms is the same as in a regular planter (value of the plant). Even in the decor overlay it is only the base decor of the plant.
  2. This happens on Xbox one version as well. Once I realized that I could not break out of the fog I have to hard reset the console before the next game save occurred to recover. Doing so put me back a day in progress but at least I wasn’t lost in the fog forever.
  3. My experience mimics the one of Mafiabrett. I tried to chase it away, it seemed to behave bizarrely, then morning came and the music continued. Only at that spot. Leaving the area and coming back (it was at my base in the regular don't starve world, not shipwrecked or RoG), did not clear the music. However I was able to save and quit and come back. The music goes away upon doing this. This has happened multiple times to me.
  4. I have this on Xbox One as well. The strip will appear after, it seems to me, a certain percentage of the map is revealed. The strip only appears for me after a load of that particular game. If I do not re-explore the area, save and exit and come back the next day, I have seen the strip "move" to a different location, and everything that has been explored previously before the strip appeared last time are visible again.
  5. I've been through a number of hurricane seasons as well and my experience is similar to the original poster. I think it was my second or third game of SW, still getting my sea legs in the game so-to-speak, and while looking for a swordfish since I didn't have one yet I got the message that it was coming. It killed me and I had to restart. My longest game was/is 199 days, but it is currently bugged and crashes to Home on XB1 when attempting to load (I've added comments to that issue). In that game I actively looked for the sealnado, roaming the seas during hurricane season, especially toward the end of the season. My base being secure from flooding from previous seasonal cycles. I have only seen or been warned of it once.
  6. This happened to me in a game started in SW. I would crash randomly. That seemed to go away. Then on day 199 I decided to go back to the volcano to collect the pants there to transplant and as soon as the loading screen apparently finished I got dumped to the Home screen. Now if I try to load this save, which is listed as day 199 volcano it begins to load, appears to get to the end of the loading screen and then I'm dumped to Home again. I have kept the save in the hopes that this will be resolved on an update, but I just updated the game last night and tried to load it again... still getting dumped. no error screen or anything. I am a part of the xbox program that gives me early releases on changes that they are about to push live for feedback on how they are received (iirc the xbox preveiw is what it's called), which sometimes includes bugs so I don't know if this is a factor. I have an external 4TB drive but all parts of don't starve are installed on the internal one.