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  1. Duplicant stuck in the Liquid Bottler

    Thanks =D, so reactive to bug reports =D.
  2. Duplicant stuck in the Liquid Bottler

    So no, you can't build anything in the way of the liquid bottler pipe... Not even another liquid bottler or ladders... So that's a bit of a problem... Since dupes can't jupe two tiles wide gaps... You have to put a water reservoir bellow each liquid bottler... This would have been so better to just have a liquid input onto liquid bottlers...
  3. Duplicant stuck in the Liquid Bottler

    I undserstand this as the liduiq bottler being some kind of floor. So it does not need a floor below, and the pipe is blocked by floors below. Knowing this you can use it =) one thing to try isv is liquid boltter pipe blocked by another liquid bollter ? if not, you can set a liquid bottler.column, with one on each stage of your base,which is kind of neat
  4. Duplicant stuck in the Liquid Bottler

    I just figured out the raison reading your steps to reproduce. Liquid bottler must be use as floor. Nont on top of it, and the pipe below must have clear access to water. I think it's not a bug, just as it supposed to work