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  1. honestly wouldn't one just use earmuffs in the situation where onesleeps in the cold? that'd reduce the cooling.
  2. umm.... so yeah.. was jumping the gun on finding the adorable little buggers... caused a server crash i think. ipsquiggle was here on 12:41 am est... that's probably enough info.... haven't done one of these b4.
  3. I think I'll try my hand at this, hello I'm a rando with no life.... option B 'run for backup' Before the ewecus can snog up another glob of goo, Wilson grabs willow and bolts in a random direction. The Ewe, noticing this, decides to run after the black furball that it previously spat goo at and caught. Willow, being an observant little tyke, begins to realize that Wilson is drawing the Ewe away, setting fires for warmth and to distract the iron Fuzzywookums. So she promptly runs to base for halp. Meanwhile in woodie's world ahhhhhh, the tree's be singin' the wood pile be growin' "remember to plant your cones!" Lucy reminds yo Acht', thx for rembering luc', where would I be without ye' hmmhmhmmmm dumdumdeedum choppin' ma tree's duda dee das cones be dropin' to mee doodily deee Imma be choppin' treeees The pile O' wood be growin' good fire girls here and I have my foouuud fire girl is holding something Choppin mah tree's it's a lighter nice and warm nice and warm. nice and warm? fire fire! FIRE! "OI YER BURNIN OUR STICKPILE LASSIE!" "Wilson needs our help!" "abi get up we have something to die to!" *yawn* "I'm up I'm up, what's going on?" "THIS LASSY IS BURNING MY STOCK O' WOOD!" "Hush you workaholic, Willow needs help with something" "is it a new friend for us?" "Get your equipment and follow me!" "AFTER you stop burnin man sticks!" half a day passes, the grey clouds snowing, it's eve of the next day. willow guided us through the night, giving us little time to pursue nearing the shade of night abi tenses, there are enemies near "THERE'S THE EWECUS!" Willow points her spear at a silver and grey puff ball. it must be a living puff ball, because it turns around and looks at us finally, something to let me join Abigail in a dance with death A. woodie and webber stashed some extra food and glands and give it to the party B. Wilson returns with some pigs that help out C. Wilson is a ghosty boi and is actively haunting the Ewecus D. the Ewecus mops the floor with the unsuspecting survivalists E. I can't think of any more choices and you have a better idea.
  4. Logz Tor


    i thought this was due to lag.
  5. the bundling wrap is not currently craftable on default servers with no mods nor changes to world spawn. Is this a purposeful exclusion? if not please reinclude. thank you for your time. Tor