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  1. This strategy is used to create a constant loop going through your plumbing system, all you have to do is load the piping with fresh water, and then when dupes use the shower or toilets, the fresh water is pumped through the purifier then the contaminated water pumps into purifier itself.
  2. Ever since the Thermal Upgrade, my water purifiers have been destroyed instantaneously as soon as they're built. After they break, Duplicants are on an endless streak of trying to repair it with no success. (Note: The water purifier was built without any pipes attached to it in the first place, and after resetting the game a few times the issue keeps popping up.)
  3. Hi, in my game ever since the Thermal Update, my water purifier refuses to work. I've made multiple games and reset the world multiple times and I still have the same problem. The piping is done correctly as well. As soon as the Duplicants build the water purifier, it's broken instantly and requires repairs. Except when Duplicants go to repair it, it's in a constant loop of broken. (Idk how to phrase it.) Copper ore is constantly being delivered to it for the repairs, and the repairs go on indefinitely just absorbing more of my copper.