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  1. @Mano Til @NSAiswatchingus I have the same he same issue, got the update and just finished exploring my save with 1k+ days and no salt stack biomes or cookie cutters anywhere on the map. I have the Malbatross and plenty of regular sea stacks. I also have the new island biome and it is complete without any sort of issue. This save was made back in January - February 2017 and I’ve been playing it on and off sense then. I am PS4.
  2. @PhoeniX19922 No it was for consoles as well, weve got the recipe for the Salt Box or whatever its called, and the Albatross was also put in. Again I'm PS4 so I havent a clue about Xbox.
  3. I’ve had the same problem, except my world with 800+ days doesn’t even have ANY salt or cookie cutters in it. I am PS4 and it is a retrofitted world FYI.