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  1. You wrote that I'm not willing to learn anything. But you are not willing to teach me... (Without LUA knowledge I will not create a mod) So stop writing stupidity!
  2. Lumina: So you have a lot of time and you will teach me to work with LUA?
  3. why not ? (mod file and merge the itemIsArmour and itemIsWeapon checks together) I think this is a small edit in the code... or No ?
  4. Thank you for answer! I know that LUA is a scripting language, but unfortunately I cannot work with him (I do not have the knowledge) This solution i like. I beg you, you can edit the code and send it to me somewhere?
  5. Hi all, I use mod "DJPaul's Sort Inventory" I'm trying to adjust to two different things were sorted into a backpack "Weapons" + "Armor" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=444438334 Original: return { ["workshop-444438334"]={ configuration_options={ backpackCategory="weapons", funMode="yes", keybind=120, maxLights=2 }, enabled=true } } Edit: return { ["workshop-444438334"]={ configuration_options={ backpackCategory="weapons+armor", funMode="yes", keybind=120, maxLights=2 }, enabled=true } } modinfo.lua: https://pastebin.com/raw/ZCRhPCM9 modmain.lua: https://pastebin.com/raw/P0EFRgwx Can anyone advise me how to do it?
  6. Hi, All information about the problem > click topic
  7. Hi, How do I use the exact commands "c_save()" and "c_rollback(count)" for Dedicated server I am trying to create a manual (save = backup) server. Example commands: /Save server 1111 /Save server 2222 /Save server 3333 /Save server 4444 /rollback server 2222 pls help me