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  1. game just got an update and now its fixed. dont know what caused it or what can fix it but im good now
  2. still experiencing the same issue after public release
  3. also if anyone else is getting this issue and knows how to fix it or whats wrong then please tell me xD
  4. so when i start the game first thing i notice is that the main menus animations wont play its just a still image with the fish in the tank( every time i reload the game the fish will be in a different position in its animation ) i start a new game and when i select my characters ther are all purple( see image ) and they are also not playing any animations, so they are standing perfectly still (again see picture). when i start my game the screen just goes black except for the text that tells what development build im playing. also this is the Thermal update that im trying to play. if i try to play anything before the thermal update then i dont have any problems with the main menu, or the characters or playing the game.Temporal Hovel Cycle 11.sav The Perfect Utopia.sav