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  1. Thanks, Krop! Actually I noticed that if I switch translations, then my updated file will be used.
  2. Hey guys, I have strange problem - I translate some strings, but they are not shown in game. Example - I translated strings related to wordl generation, like 'Volcanea", "Geoactive' and so on, but when I run the game - these strings are shown in english, instead of my language. What could go wrong in this scenario, and how can I solve this problem?
  3. pipe stop game

    Similar story here, completing one single water circuit - game hangs up, memory consumption jumps to 10GB, and then just disappear. The Great Spacecamp.sav
  4. Same here for me, on latest build at the moment in qol1_testing branch. Here is the save file.New Horizon.sav Can you also check - why is there a big lag in the beginning of every cycle? I call it morning lag...
  5. Any reaction from developers? I still can't play Oxygen!
  6. What kind of details do you need (any logs)? and where can I find them?
  7. Loading a save takes up to 5 minutes

    Just tried, loading time went down to 2 minutes. That is much better =)
  8. cosmic update, build 273623, system windows 10 64bits, CPU - AMD Ryzen 2700x, system disk is samsung 960 evo ssd. Loading my save takes too much time (map generation is also slow). 4minutes 43 seconds for loading screen to be replaced by actual game screen, and also about 20 seconds before game is playable. Do you need any other information?
  9. Loading a save takes up to 5 minutes

    Probably worth mentioning - I am running Windows 10 LTSB version.
  10. Loading a save takes up to 5 minutes

    Here it is. The Optimistic Tunnel.sav
  11. Let's say I am growing Blossoms and got polluted water into farm tile. There is no way to remove polluted water without destroying and rebuilding farm tile.
  12. Empty Storage for Hydroponic Farm

    I have the same problem, and also created a post about this =) But seems no responses from developers about this yet.
  13. Hydroponic farm tile cannot be emptied

    Not on my side, as I mentioned - nothing happens when you click on "empty storage:" button.
  14. Puft is no longer making slime fiber plants cannot be planted batteries, hydrogen generator and thermo regulators are no longer warming up water to make steam from it using pufts and making steam were two of my favorite things to do in the game =(