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  1. Hydrogen generator built and connected and gas is pumping but is idle and not producing power.
  2. it is unreachable until the ladder is actually constructed. not a bug
  3. I have set a coal generator in a ice biome along with ration boxes to keep it cool so overheating shouldn't occur. lucky me for some weird reason its taking overheat damage. the picture provided tells it all.
  4. The HydroFan is literally right next to the super Computer and is about 25-30 degrees F. the super computer however is over 110 degrees F.
  5. I had all of the pipes connected but no water was pumping because no sand was added to the filter. its powered as well
  6. I wanted to but it started working before I posted this. its just a pain in the neck. next time it happens I will have better details and screenshots.
  7. numerous times I have set air deodorizers or water purifiers priority to 9 and it takes them at least 5 to 6 cycles for them to deliver the materials even if I have the materials from the start.s
  8. I installed a gas filter to filter out other types of air for my hydrogen generator mainly cause I'm tired of having them repairing it everytime it breaks and or disabling the gas pumps. but when I installed it the whole connected system doesn't run even tho everything is powered and all the pipes are connected right. it shoudnt take me to deconstruct it and build it again to work. especially since the duplicants wont do the priority 9 tasks first even wen everything else is below priority 9.
  9. When converting slime to algea through the bio distillers the numbers are constantly 0. so I don't know when they are working or not.