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  1. @SouzaZX @AlexRou And to whoever is following this thread still, I stumbled upon another thread who used to have the same problem as mine. I followed their method and it worked. And it was so simple that it baffled me for a sec. I had to uninstall and reinstall not just VC 2015 X64 but also VC 2015 X86 despite my OS being just 64bit. Once both of them were freshly installed and restarted, the game immediately ran. Klei's troubleshoot guideline doesn't necessarily state that you need both which I think should be clarified. I was just gonna wait for next update or the official release until I decided to give it a go again today.
  2. @greenduck Nope. Still not working. Thanks for trying though.
  3. @Blas88 No luck. I tried re-instaling the game multiple times before too.
  4. @Blas88 Just tried that. Did not solve the issue. :/ Dang it!
  5. Non-taken. That's a valid question. But I bought the alpha from Steam. My game's current version number is
  6. I've installed and re-installed VC++2015 couple times but had no luck. So I tried installing all Windows update even though SP1 was already there, updated my GPU driver and pretty much did all the thing in the troubleshooting guide but it still insist that I do not have VC installed. Any idea? I'm running Windows 7 x64bit. And other specs are definitely higher than the requirement.