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  1. With so much confusion about whether a change in behaviour is a feature change or just regression: If a software developer is using TDD or BDD, which every sane developer does (sadly not so much in the gaming industry), and he is doing a public testing phase, wouldn't it be cool if the tests or the specs would also be public? I am sure that way there would be much less confusion about the behaviour of the software/game. --- Of course this would be utopia, in the real world even the developers don't know how their code behaves. Or management would think that its a security issue.
  2. Copy and paste storage settings would be handy now. Then you could just store everything that you dont want to be eaten and then just let the hatches run around freely to clean up for you.
  3. I already run into coal problems because I keep forgetting to feed the hatches. Already thinking about dripping water through some cool gases onto the hatches so that they always have ice to eat ...
  4. Though some people may find fun in micromanagement or repetitive tasks, it should not be enforced imho.