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  1. always wanted it to be like if I piped in hot liquid then everything gets hotter ... pipe in colder then machine runs cooler.
  2. Sorry .. Forums been tainted with beta haters lately.
  3. well they fixed it over a holiday as well as rolled back the main changes so we could play over the weekend. Not sure what your toxic comment means. Also as it is not the Release version of the game and its the test beta branch you could just sit in the stable release and wait for next stable release if dealing with bugs annoys you. After Rereading your comment I realize what you are saying. Good blizzard not the new evil activision blizzard? I see what what I think you mean now.
  4. While working around the current bugs I did find a bunch of flaws in my base heh so I started over. Good times Akuna Matata
  5. same at this point Im running out of water and need dem pipes! =)
  6. Yeah I did that yesturday as well .. but I was missing the new stuff already hehe
  7. Unfortunetely no .. but he did say if they cant get it fixed by todays patch they will roll back the change that is causing the break so we can play over the weekend.. In the meantime you can play .. pretty stable as well as long as you dont build any pipes. Theres tons I can do before I actually "need" pipes so this is working for me for now.
  8. happening to all of us mate. They are working on it.
  9. any final connection causes it. The workaround I found is use debug mode to instant build the final connection while game is paused.
  10. yeah seems to be happening every time I connect a pipe to anything
  11. I created a Liquid Reservoir and it has liquid in it. When you build a pipe from it to a liquid vent; as soon as the liquid vent is finished constructing the game crashes. I did some more testing and it seems to crash whenever I connect anything to one of the liquid reservoir input or output . soon as pipe is finished bamn desktop. No mods SimDLL_CRASH_preview_348892_20190704-17.43.27.dmp
  12. Just wanted to thank you for the diagram .. totally makes sense. Poop filled the lines because two people used the toilet while someone was taking a shower so it couldnt drain.