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  1. Ok, so this is strange. After I loaded up one of the older saves in which he was in "god mode", I saw that he was laying dead on the ground. I had multiple save files in which he was invulnerable and every time when I loaded in he was dead. Everything he dug before was actually gone, but he was laying on the ground. The Up-My-Ass-Colony Cycle 37.sav - Seven Duplicates are still alive, including Devon. The Up-My-Ass-Colony Cycle 36.sav - Two Duplicates are still alive, though Devon is dead. The Up-My-Ass-Colony Cycle 35.sav - Everyone is dead, Colony is lost. And yes, I called my Colony "The Up-My-Ass-Colony"... I am very creative with names.
  2. So I went full anarchist mode and just wanted to build to the end and let everyone die. While doing this I took the dig command and selected EVERYTHING. Long story short: One Duplicate was invulnerable. His Health and every other Need was 0 and I got the message that I lost my colony. But he just kept digging. Now he just stands somewhere in the unknown, doing nothing. I have no idea how this happened...