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  1. Show Us Your Colony

    Stress reduction much? xD How'd you even place showers like that LOL.
  2. No Night/Day Cycle

    I like this idea - this way you can plan out the sleeping intervals of your duplicants and constantly have some duplicants up and on the manual generators (hamster wheels). Definitely hope this is added! This would for sure allow for better management of the duplicants in the colony. It would also be nice to have the duplicants scheduled to do things at a certain time, such as eat, medicine, etc.
  3. True - but most of magma is like literally completely surrounded with neutronium - which makes it impossible to harvest the heat from any magma pockets - sad! Tepidisers and space heaters are practically useless too since they can't get beyond the boiling point of polluted water. I wish they add distillers soon or something.
  4. Yeah sadly I realised that the heat capacity of neutronium is indeed 0. Heck, this means that it can't conduct heat and would stay at Absolute Zero temperatures perennially. Pretty sad though, it means that distillation isn't as viable anymore as opposed to before the Thermal Update. Well, anyways, I guess that's necessary - or literally lava biomes would scald through ice biomes nearby and release a heck ton of water. Though it would definitely be nice if the developers increased the thermal conductivity of neutronium or came up with other (more viable) ways of water purification.
  5. Update: Same issue as one posted above - best to reconcile threads together to prevent confusion.
  6. I think this is more of a bug than an issue, hence I decided to post this here. To start this off with, I'm using Development Build CL#TU-210489. I was digging along this area with a large body of magma enclosed in neutronium and I wanted to convert some polluted water into steam as a purification method. Originally there was abyssalite surrounding some parts of the magma body. The hole as shown below was filled with abyssalite before it was dug - the temperature of the abyssalite directly on top of the neutronium was around 30 degrees centigrade or so; however, once I removed the abyssalite, the air in contact with the neutronium started heating up immediately and very quickly - within a few seconds it had risen to the high-250 degrees C range. (Alleged bug #1) Subsequently, I then decided to open up a small pocket of polluted water nearby and have it spill onto the neutronium. The polluted water was around 20 degrees C before it was transferred into the heating system. As expected, the water started to vaporise, forming dirt and steam. However, the volumes of steam that came out were pathetically minuscule and the water quickly cooled down below it's original temperature as more water flowed in. (as illustrated above) (Alleged bug #2)