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  1. During summer I noticed something that was smoldering but there was nothing there at all. I'm not sure what was there before it started smoldering. It must have been a seed that was taken away by a bird but now it just keeps on smoldering indefinitely. Placing structures on it did not work. Placing an ice flingo didn't work either. Luxury fan didn't do anything. Saving and quitting didn't do much. Any help?
  2. It said on the wiki that "She only spawns if there are fewer than 4 other Dens/Queens in the vicinity.". Being a Webber player with a spider farm, it proves otherwise. Even when sticking 12 dens that are densely compacted into each other and going about my survival business, soon, every single one of those dens turned into a spider queen in quick succession. I do not know what defines/measures "vicinity" in the game, so I went ahead and placed those dens as close as possible to each other. Still persists. Any possible explanations for this?