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  1. Thank you for the details. I'm marking the thread as closed in the heading to save the developers some time in reviewing it.
  2. I bought the game on Thursday or Friday, logged 11 hours in it. Didn't realize the thermal upgrade was in the beta opt in. Time to start playing this game as if it were new ^^. I don't mind if this ticket is closed, it was on an older version of the game and I can't easily confirm that it still exists in the update.
  3. Game Revision: Build 208689 Uploaded Files: output_log.txt, Game Saves Last error in output_log.txt: unexpected temperature Cycles: 131 (Auto save, shows cycle 132 after game loads) Colony Size: 7 Air Quality: Clean (O2/CO2) Calories: 26,500 (40,000+ if plants harvested) Colony Status: Very Stable, Plenty of water, Slime never used or mined, mined close to right edge of map with air, Condensing room with 9 Thermo Regulators. Condensing room with solids of multiple gasses, Pure water tank, No contaminated water tank s.All but medical researched (skipped, not useful), 1 Coal Gen, 1 Hydrogen Gen, 5 Manual Generators, 6 Electrologist. Suspected Cause: I have a cold room to condense gasses to be solids. It has made a pile so when liquids are formed they formed on the vent. Liquid on the vent didn't crash the game however I think when condensed liquid on the wall that is touching the vent solidifies when solid space on tile is below the vent, it crashes the game. Let me know if you need anything else. I'm going to go back a day and attempt to work around the issue by redesigning my cold room layout.