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  1. Congratulations Klei and thanks for that amazing game.
  2. Noooooo,.....I broke all of the statues and clockworks in my world. I'm sad now :(.
  3. Well if was patched why that happen now? There is no fun see a Goose die like that.
  4. As the title says Goose killed 2 blue hounds and got frozen until its death. The video below show what happen.
  5. Nope I didn't use console commands to spawn the mushrooms.
  6. Well i don't know if this is really a bug but Its weird. For a unknow reason a lot of blue mushrooms spawned in 2 spots near my farms. and the FPS was droping because of that. When i start digging them I realize that was not only one or 2 mushrooms but much more than that. Then I spend 5+ days digging and I get a total of 1120 mushrooms. So if that is a bug I don't know but there is my report. In the image below each mushroom on the ground contain 40 mushrooms. 160 for each bundling wrap. Thanks Klei for that amazing game. Sorry for my broken english