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  1. I think I have found out the cause of the issue. In both of my games, I had 6-8 dead dupes lying around and I didn't put them into graves. I started a new game today and didn't get as much dupes as I had to reduce the casualties. I am now at cycle 58 without any issues. Maybe the devs would like to check it out.
  2. I have no idea how to generate the output_log that causes it.
  3. I started another game yesterday and it turns out that the new game was also corrupted. Both worlds are at around cycle 50+. Scientific Abode.sav Systematic Spacepad.sav
  4. Where do I access my saved files? I can't seem to find them around.
  5. I was about to load into my previous game play where I last stopped. Upon loading the game, my saved game didn't load and in fact, the dupes selection screen showed up. I decide to follow the flow and press "embark" hoping my previous game will be loaded. However, a new game is loaded under a new saved file.