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  1. Hi! Great! I'm glad it worked. Enjoy!
  2. Hi jazounette! Keezie's post gives instructions on how to find the specific location where the game checks to see if it should alert you about mod use (that initial screen that warns the player about how mods might make the game unstable, etc., etc., etc....), and then what to do in order to disable that check. A quick warning: no one should edit any game files if they're not comfortable with it, because it's entirely possible to break the game. Heavenfall's comment about "scripts\mods.lua" is telling you where the specific file is. In this case, it's telling you to go to the scripts subdirectory where Don't Starve is installed. Use a text editor like Notepad to open the mods.lua file, use the text find command to locate "if #self.mods > 0 then" line and change "0" to "10000", save the file, and you're done. What that line says, basically, is "Check to see if the user has any mods installed. If they do, then do one or more of the following things...." -- one of them is to give you that warning about how mods might make the game unstable. The change from "0" to "10000" just raises the threshold: before any mods (greater than zero) would cause the game to display the warning; with the change you'd now need more than 10,000 mods in order to have the game warn you about mod usage. I went ahead and double checked to make sure this change still seems to work, and it appears to work. At least, my modded game allowed me to start up a RoG game in-progress without crashing. I've attached an updated mods.lua file for you to use. I suggest you use the file search function. In Win7, it would be open the folder where you have Don't Starve installed type "mods.lua" (no quotes) into a box that should say something like "search dont_starve" (or whatever you called your Don't Starve directory) select the entry for the mods.lua file select mods.lua and rename it to mods.lua.bak it should probably ask you if you're sure, because renaming the file may cause programs to not work -- ok the renaming copy my mods.lua to the folder where your renamed mods.lua.bak is (the scripts\mods folder of Don't Starve) run Don't Starve without that mod warning If you should have any issues, delete my file and then rename your original mods.lua.bak back to mods.lua. mods.lua
  3. Hi Everyone! I recently decided to try my hand at modding. After reading up some on LUA at its home, fiddling a little with the online interpreter, peering through some of the initial tutorials here and on Steam, etc., I figured it might just be better to jump in and start playing. I figured that starting with something Klei did first might make the most I thought importing the Bucket-o-poop to DS Vanilla might be fun. Yeah, it's not likely to be something for which there's a huge call. But I thought this might be enough on the simple side to be somewhere to start - plus I still slum it in Vanilla every now and then, and always miss having the Bucket. I've gotten the recipe to show up correctly in the Food Tab, and I've gotten it to the point where all the variables are at least pointing in the somewhat correct direction so that I can craft it without throwing some game-crashing error. It's even showing the percentage remaining correctly. But it only sets for one use. I'm positive I'm doing something wrong here. And I suspect it's something to do with how or maybe where the max number of uses is being set, since that's something that appears in the RoG TUNING file. Either that, or it's how the day_time variable is being referenced, since fertilizers are supposed to advance by some part of daylight hours upon each use (if I'm understanding this correctly, of course). Either that, or it's just something that can't be done. And I don't have the experience to know which is which at this point. Is this a PEBKAC issue or a program limitation? I've attached a 7z of the Bucket mod folder, so it should be good to drop in and go (such at it does go at this point). Thanks in advance to any who offer some guidance here. DSBoP.7z
  4. Overheating in Mild Season

    Hi Everyone, I apologize for this being a little Thread Necromancy, but this is the most recent post I've seen detailing this issue and I believe I've found the cause. Posting here makes the most sense to me, as it appears directly related to my issue, and posting should bring it to everyone's attention who posted here as well as providing more info for the Devs. Moderators: if this should be its own post, I sincerely apologize. Work your magic and split it off. If I haven't found the cause, then at least a cause. And reporting it here may help Our Glorious Developer OverlordsTM () to track it down. The exact issue is that Mild Season appears to be overwritten by RoG Summer Season: Overheating occurs no later than Day 3, and I see evidence of plant wilting also. I expect that Wildfires would occur, but they don't exist in SW so at least no islands were bursting into flames. After confirming that there had been no changes I could find to Mild Season, and that Overheating and Wilt shouldn't be occurring, I started trying to find another cause. Initially, I thought this was due to an issue with a mod I run, specifically rezecib's "Combined Status" ( It was showing a display error: normally, it should be able to tell you what Season you are in and how many days remain. It was either incorrectly reporting the Season as Autumn or telling me outright "Failed!". After chatting with rezecib for a bit, they advised me that his mod was just reporting that there was an issue: SW itself was sending bad info, causing either the incorrect display of Autumn or "Failed!", which was the mod reporting that it was getting invalid data from SW. From what rezecib noted, it was a previously known issue that had been believed stamped out some time back but I wasn't the only one they saw reporting it still on occasion. Which led me here, and other reports similar to mine, also noting that Presets were being used. And that got me to thinking: what if the Presets were causing the issue? I was using Presets that had been generated through a RoG-only play. Though SW setup was indeed showing only the expected SW-specific stuff on the Preset, I wondered if that Preset was somehow silently including RoG Seasonal info and passing it to my SW-only game when using the Preset that I'd generated playing RoG-only maps. For completeness' sake, I use the following mods: rezecib's "Combined Status" - leo's "Extended Map Icons" - BigNew's "999 Stack" - Adam.H's "Boomerang Mod" - Jupiter's "Icebox Tweak" - Pianobeat's "Loot Drop Tweaks: SW" - star's "Extra Slots (SW)" - Nadav's "SmartCrockPot" - I tested a variety of scenarios: I activated no mods/no Presets applied. I experienced no issues with this game. It played exactly as it should: Mild Season initialized correctly and I stopped playing by Day 6 as that was the absolute latest I'd ever seen Summer-like weather in SW. I activated "Combined Status" only/no Presets applied. The results were the same as #1, above. I activated all the mods listed above/no Presets applied. The results were the same as #1, above. I activated no mods/RoG-generated Presets were applied. I experienced Overheating and Plant Wilt by Day 3. I activated no mods/SW-generated Presets were applied. The results were the same as #1, above. I activated all the mods listed above/SW-generated Presets were applied. The results were the same as #1, above. This suggests to me that the issue is that the game engine is silently passing RoG-specific Seasonal information to SW-maps if a SW-game is started using a Preset list created for a RoG-specific map. When no Presets, or SW-specific Presets are used to generate a SW-map, then Mild Season initializes as it is supposed to and the game plays without issue. When RoG-specific Presets are used to generate a SW-map, then Mild Season gets partially or completely overwritten by RoG Summer, with the Summer behavior that SW can actually display, and SW appears to internally report it as Autumn.