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  1. So more testing and the crassh still occurs even on a slower speed though much less frequently, here's the save file Uncomfortable Cosmos Cycle 36.sav
  2. Found out what was bugged I think, I was using the super super debug speed mode and it just so happens that the game constantly crash when I zoomed in, save a file, start a new day, or move very quickly accross the map as I zoom to track a dupe.
  3. As the name say, on day 30~ I start getting crashes when the game does its autosave
  4. Basically I somehow created a closed loop of a series of Gas Valves, insulated and normal pipes which spontaneously loses heat energy each time some Hydrogen completes the loop and exits' the valve. For some context, I left the hydrogen in a loop under the assumption that I can equalize the temperature to hit the 0 degree sweet spot. Unfortunately teh end result is as you see in the save. PS the 4 door airlock also somehow spontaneously created solid carbon dioxide. No idea how it happen but there you go. Pre Stuff Cycle 87.sav