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  1. 8 hours ago, Akarinnnnnn said:

    to add a config, you can edit "configuration_options" Table in modinfo.lua

    configuration_options = 
    		,options = {

    Then get it's data by this Function



    The next step, you may need other modder's help, i don't know much about it.

    Yeah I already knew that >.<' 

  2. 9 hours ago, ADM said:

    Hi, well, to make an animation to any item or pretty much anything else you need to use spriter, which is a free tool in the don't starve mod tools pack

    You can download the tools on steam at your library in tool category.

    Next when you have spriter installed, create an "exported" folder in your main mod folder and a second one with the name of your item,

    Let's say it's called "candiedwings" :


    Put the item image in it and then, create a file "candiedwings.scml" in the same folder and open the scml file with spriter

    Here is the .exe of spriter (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\Spriter)

    Just before the fun part begins, you have to load the folders/images for your spriter file, it's simple : File > New Project > "OK"

    Select the candiedwings folder in exported. Which result in this :

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    You'll see it's easy to use, grab your image item on the top right and place its middle-bottom part at the center of the screen

    When this is done, click on the image and you will see a red doot, place it at the middle-bottom again, this is for making the right position of the item on don't starve to avoid missing up with the camera

    Almost finished, you have to rename your animation and build, just on the right, rename the entity_000 with your prefab name,

    "candiedwings" i guess, and for the NewAnimation, most of the item animations of the game are called "idle"

    That's what your have now :

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    Okay it's over, you can save your animation : File > Save Project as > call it "candiedwings.scml" and save

    Now the animation part is over, you just have to go in your prefab lua file to make it use the right animation

    --add the assets on the top
    local assets =
        Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),
     	--I don't know if you have also create the inventory images into the image folder but you have to add it here too
    --this is for the fn part

    Well, you have nothing else to do BUT you still have to convert your scml file into actual game files.

    If you have succesfully installed the mod tool, you should have a command prompt screen when you start the game, it's the autocompiler who convert the .png and .scml for you. just wait it finish and now you have everything done.

    Ask me for more details :)


    couldn't find the red dot, tried to make it anyways, lots of debugging, almost there but it cant find the anim build I assume because I did something wrong, the spriter that I have that is in the mod tools doesn't have some of the options you have etc. sooo I don't know what to do there

    client log is attached of course


  3. I think I have just about everything done but I need to make anim files and I have no idea how to, in the log it says

    Could not find anim build candiedwings
    Could not find anim bank [candiedwings]

    So that probably means I need to make some, but how do I do that? No clear answer on how to do it just by quick researching on it (sorry its just a bit late at the time of making this and I needed this Question to be written before I go to bed just in case, anyways I was hoping if someone could tell me how to make the files needed for the food item, so I know how to do this in the future for other things.

    I attached my log file just incase anyone finds anything else wrong with it.

    Thank you if you helped and I couldn't get back to you soon~


  4. Ahhh thank you!

    1 hour ago, Ultroman said:

    I doubt anyone has that specific list. All the tuning variables are in the tuning.lua file. You can open that and search for the ones you need. The file is in the root of the game files. If you don't know where to find the game files, look at this post. If you are making mods for DS (as opposed to DST) take note that each DLC has its own tuning.lua file, which adds to the original tuning.lua.

    Oh one more thing if you don't mind me asking, how would you go about changing armor durability and/or protection?

  5. So i'm creating character tweaks for my friend and I got to his wes changes and he wants the sanity of wes's balloons to go from 5 to 4 buuuut I can't figure out how to change it ^^' I looked through wes.lua, balloons.lua etc. Sooo if somone could tell me where to look or how to change it that would be very appreciated


    Second he wants wes's balloons to draw more aggro/ be more effective at it, and I have 0 idea on how to go about doing that or even start on that, so if somone could also help me with that.. that would also be great, thank you! 


    P.S im very new to modding (basically have made character tweak mods and that's it) and im still learning and want to continue to learn ^^' sorry if this seems like a very dumb question lol

  6. 6 hours ago, Ultroman said:

    Well, here's your problem:

    [00:01:15]: [string "../mods/Wickerbottom tweaks/modmain.lua"]:34: attempt to index global 'CUSTOM_RECIPETABS' (a nil value)

    You don't have a CUSTOM_RECIPETABS variable anywhere. If you're trying to reach a global variable in the game, then you need to do the same as you've done here for RECIPETABS, only for CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.


    ...or put "GLOBAL." in front of all your references to that variable.

    Omg it worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  7. Sorry for posting again so soon, but I ran into a problem when changing wickerbottoms book recipes (It crashes when you launch the server) and it says to go to the logs for more info, I've been doing it for a while but cant figure out what is wrong

    (I am using the -- (comment marks) because i'm not planning to change them soon because my friend hasn't decided what to do with them yet)

    This is currently the code for changing her recipes 

    local require = GLOBAL.require
    Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipe
    Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient
    mod_protect_Recipe = false
    --AddRecipe("book_birds", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("bird_egg", 2)}, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS, TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, "bookbuilder")
    --AddRecipe("book_gardening", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("seeds", 1), Ingredient("poop", 1)}, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, "bookbuilder")
    --AddRecipe("book_sleep", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 2)}, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS, TECH.MAGIC_TWO, nil, nil, nil, nil, "bookbuilder")
    --AddRecipe("book_brimstone", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("redgem", 1)}, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS, TECH.MAGIC_THREE, nil, nil, nil, nil, "bookbuilder")
    AddRecipe("book_tentacles", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("tentaclespots", 1)}, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO, nil, nil, true, 1, "bookbuilder")
    mod_protect_Recipe = true
    (Sorry it doesn't look as good as it does in my scripter) 
    I have also attached the client log so maybe someone can find out what is wrong
    Many thanks if you do try to figure it out.
    (I'm just trying to do this because my friend wants a bit of a nerf for wicker/ balancing, etc.)