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  1. So I made a mod (first wortox mod on the workshop since his release) and a commenter asked me if I could make a config so that wortox is either a monster and friendly things will attack him or that hes a normal character and friendly things don't attack him p.s (prolly shouldn't have said I could do it until I knew how ;-;)
  2. @GeekyReject665 I would recommend Atom myself, its like sublime but imo more organized and its what I use, but notepad++ will do the job
  3. @ADM couldn't find the red dot, tried to make it anyways, lots of debugging, almost there but it cant find the anim build I assume because I did something wrong, the spriter that I have that is in the mod tools doesn't have some of the options you have etc. sooo I don't know what to do there client log is attached of course client_log.txt
  4. I think I have just about everything done but I need to make anim files and I have no idea how to, in the log it says Could not find anim build candiedwings Could not find anim bank [candiedwings] So that probably means I need to make some, but how do I do that? No clear answer on how to do it just by quick researching on it (sorry its just a bit late at the time of making this and I needed this Question to be written before I go to bed just in case, anyways I was hoping if someone could tell me how to make the files needed for the food item, so I know how to do this in the future for other things. I attached my log file just incase anyone finds anything else wrong with it. Thank you if you helped and I couldn't get back to you soon~ client_log.txt
  5. Geometric still crashes you, you didn't fix it really... might be on rezecibs part and he might need to update it tho P.S Having crashes when making a chest ( I am near a catapault and a generator)
  6. I do believe you were thinking of this mod (ps. Your photos aren't showing up correctly!) (I looked through the mod and the glow part of it seemed to be around line 27-34 and 97-103 in valkobre.lua(which is in scripts/prefabs)) Hope I helped somehow!
  7. I just need clarification if this is supposed to happen, if its fixable, or its just a side-effect of changing them