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  1. After about 30+ cycles when I select the "jobs" tab at the top right of the game screen it freezes the game for a few seconds until the window pops up. It is getting rather annoying.
  2. Buried Objects

    I just encountered the same graphical bug
  3. This may have something to do with my resolution but when I mouse over the slider to set a desired temperature for the thermo switch the info panel blocks my view. More of an annoyance then a bug.
  4. Duplicate is dead but still moving

    I was able to recreate this bug in my game as well, but it crashed my game a few seconds after. My dupe had 2% oxygen before I deleted the block underneath him causing him to drop, except mine landed on a lower ladder and "Died" yet made the climb animation and continued to climb up and down over and over. I reported the crash when the crash screen prompted. My dupe entered oxygenated air on the way down maybe sparking him to attempt to breath. You're not alone friend!
  5. when dupes begin transporting a fellow corpse the game lags for a few seconds on full speed