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  1. Hi. Thanks for the replies. I actually had also emailed the company when I had not gotten any replies here. Turns out that even though I am the administrator of the computer, Windows 10 was not allowing Steam to create the save file. So I set it to allow steam to open in Administrator mode and the game started for me. To make things easier I set it to always allow so I don't have to go through the extra process each time I want to play. Maybe this will help others.
  2. So I've been all over this forum as well as the Steam forum trying to fix this problem since yesterday. My game will bring up the loading screen and even say that it was successful but then a black screen with red writing flashes by too quickly to read and the game goes back to the title screen. I have tried all of the suggestions currently online that I have been able to find, but none have worked so far. I did a fresh install of the game multiple times as well as a fresh install of the C++. In the output log, it says that it was unable to create the worldgensimsave.dat I checked the folders and made sure they are set to allow files to be created, and have tried running in administrator mode with no virus programs running just in case they were causing a problem. I am attaching my output log so that hopefully someone can help me figure this out.
  3. I found that the Steam overlay causes this. Try disabling the overlay to see if that helps.