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  1. There is a workaround for the coal generator, you need to set up a fluid dripping system above, it cools it enough to work fine, just a little bit more work to get it right.
  2. Yeah, you can stop them from breaking by setting up a strong gas pumping system, suck up all the gas right away, put it into a cooling chamber and then suck it back out after being cooled.
  3. Yeah, definitely But makes this build far more viable, hats up for this change, I take back everything bad I said about it. With some proper balancing it will be awesome. Also, for planting seeds: Dropping seeds on the ground plants them automatically after 9 cycles if it's dirt (or natural tiles?) So getting them to do that will be a viable source of renewable food, lowering the humongous amounts of resources needed to do it. Sounds quite like an exploit, but probably the way to go for this build.
  4. Actually, I made a huge mistake, as we all did. The breaking point of machines can be raised.... with gold amalgam. So you actually CAN make steam, and CAN heat up water. You just can't do it with the common copper. A tooltip would have been nice for that, as I found out by 'mistake' when hovering over the materials, so it's still a viable option. We clearly need a better adjustment for it thought since melting other materials is now out of the way basically since they have way higher temperature requirements, only lava is a viable source for doing so, and that is not permanent.
  5. So, my personal experiences with the 'Thermal Update': -The idea is great, the added buildings are great as well. -Mealwood not producing seed anymore makes sense. -A missing other permanently (!) sustainable food source is a huge turnoff for me personally at least. -Every building breaking at 75C is just ******** thought. That definitely needs to get fixed according to the buildings, especially pumps and generators. Batteries are fine as well as working machines, but not being able to produce steam with machinery is just ridiculous, I can easily build you something doing that for a fairly small amount of water in an hour with simple materials rl. Also handling steam or any sort of molten material at the moment is impossible. Wouldn't it be for the food and steam problem I would say it's a definite update for the game, sadly right now I'll roll back to the 'old' build. I hope it gets fixed by then, otherwise I simply see no reason to even bother with it until next months update. Making it very hard to be sustainable is great, making it impossible just ruins the fun, at least for me. (Yeah, I know there are exploits to make it happen, but I don't want to need them to be able to play)