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  1. Water can get overpressured in a tile for no reason. In the srceen attaced you see a single tile holdung 1500 KG of water while the is no pressure and the water should expand to the tile above. I've seen this bug reported for gysers in confiend places, but i had this happening in open places with little gas pressure above the tiles and build up to 4000 KG of water in a single tile (damaging adjecient tiles due to overpressuere).
  2. It's always baffeling me what selfconfidence ignorant people have, insisting on being right when told they are wrong. An electrical circuit is always a loop. If you have a sinlge circuit all consumers have to be series putting the sum of their powerneed on the entire circuit. In your household you have diffrent circuits divided by the fusebox. Without a fusebox or transistors and relays you cant have parallel circiuts to divide constrain. Wires never consume power (they do, but in very small amounts compared to the total energy) the consumer does. And if you have three power consumers active in you kitchen, the wires for your kitchen circuit will have to hande the combined voltage of all those consumers.
  3. It works fine, electrical networks cant have branchens without additional components in reallife. Ever wonderd why it is called a electric circurit? What we really need are fuseboxes and transistors or relays if we have to deal with max voltage.
  4. my switchtes change the behaviour of ajacent wire sections. On Load of the game or on using the switch in permanatly changes to a state where the current and max circuit status is set to -1 W. The wire then wont connect ajacient wire sections no matter of the state of the switch. Even deconstructing the switch wont change anything. Only deconstructing the bugged wire sections and reconstructing them will allow for a working power circuit.