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  1. In the pictures you can see the sand behind the door. In the first, its just sitting there like a good blob of sand. In the second, after a dupe has gone through the door, the sand decides it would like to jump about for a bit, it does settle back down, but its weird seeing sand jumping up and down like that. No real gameplay impact other than messing with my eyes and focus on other more important things.
  2. Good, bad, or otherwise. I don't care if they all allow, or all don't allow, but it is a matter of consistency for them all.
  3. Unlike airflow and mesh tiles (and farm tiles) which can be automatically upgraded to from normal base tiles, plastic tiles cannot. You have to deconstruct the base tiles then build plastic tiles. This might be intended, but it is different from how other tiles behave.
  4. Not a bug, you need a new structure: Liquid Bottler. Dups cannot just run up to water and fill up, they have to pump it from the water source into a bottle via the Liquid Bottler in order to deliver it to structures.
  5. Dup gets slimelung. Goes to med-bay, with food, bathroom, shower near by. Receives Aid skill, starts the 3 cycles to heal... start ticking down. Dup gets up to eat/use bathroom/shower (ALOT of showering.. OCD excessive levels of showering) Timer stops, says the dup needs Aid again. Gets Aid, starts the timer ticking again. The problem here is that with as often as the dup gets up (all jobs have been turned off for them), the timer only gets a few tenths of a day before stopping. Then aid is needed again, etc. Had a dupe die from this. 10days to death, gets Aid started at 9.5 days to death. Couldn't tick off 3 days of cure timer over 9.5 days with a level 7 skilled Medicine Dup. Repeated several times.
  6. And you are pumping polluted water to it right? Your post mentions a clean water pump, but the Fertilizer Maker wants polluted water.
  7. Runs through the day just fine now. What ever was causing it, is fixed by the patch. Thank you.
  8. Random in the middle of the day, CTD. I can't seem to find what the minions are doing that is causing it, but it is very very repeatable and this is the DMP that it generates. RIP day 73 food/water/power sufficient colony =( SimDLL_CRASH_release_217955_20170528-20.51.30.dmp
  9. Take a wounded dupe, put him on the healing cot. If he gets to 100% health in the middle of the night, he wakes up and goes to his real bed, but gets a interrupted sleep penalty instead of just staying put on the cot until morning (no one else was assigned to the cot)
  10. Situation: Have a manual generator get heat damaged by flooding (from a geyser). No wolframite left to repair, so deconstruct instead, and build a new one on the same spot. The warning in the upper left of the game never goes away and you cannot clear it except for saving and restarting. Attached picture goes to where the view goes when clicking on the warning; and no damaged generator anymore
  11. I had a fatal occurance of this. Long story, but I drained a geyser of water down to my cistern, but the water ran through a hallway where a duplicant was just finishing a painting, He stayed locked in his animation for painting a masterpiece until he suffocated to death. R.I.P.
  12. Your Liquid Pump doesn't have solid ground under both squares for it. Once you do that, it will pump water to the scrubber so it can function.