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  1. As pictures I attached below. The Polluted Water should go as Blue Arrow, but no, that JUST ONE DROP OF WATER in the middle of 2 Red Arrow, he keeps running back and forth, and so on, he blocks the pipe, no one can get through him. My Save file also attached below for you to investigate this case. And one more thing, when I put too many Shine Bug in a small room, sometimes they stop shining. I don't know why. They stop shining because they feel unhappy?? Into Space and BEYOND.sav
  2. As the image below: RED water leeks through the cracking tile, AND through water-block-tile too. But the YELLOW there is no water leek (it's should not leek :D) And when the cracking tile broke, no water leek anymore, just like the YELLOW And luckily I've recorded the whole process, check the video I attached Thanks <3 <3 2017.08.27-18.17.mp4 water drop.sav
  3. yeah, I've just figured it out too!! I thought using mesh tile help avoiding that situation, but it still persist SO SAD
  4. Let me tell a story: #1: Duplicant keep standing on that rock, he can't go anywhere, even there is no obstacle blocking the way (you see my Pointer in the middle, it's red = can't reach) #2: but they can go somewhere nearer... #3: and after reach that point, he automatically find his way out of that place This happened to me twice, the same as above, I had to make him go half way first. Below is my save game, RIGHT AT the moment of the story above Surface UpHead Cycle 61.sav
  5. this is video record, I can't descibe, you have to see it 2017.03.21-14.38.mp4
  6. Gas pipe should not be able to attach to Liquid vent, but when I connected them, the game play "attached" sound effect like those 2 thing connected successfully
  7. Issue 01: pipes and vents were all completed, and gas pump started pumping, but no gas went into pipe. They are the 1 gas pumps on bottom-left of screen Issue 02: even the pipe was not completed (vents not built), but gas pump still started pump, and of course: no gas went into pipe Both 2 issue still persist in my save file below Surface UpHead Cycle 88.sav
  8. I'm sorry, I should've uploaded this file before. Here is my save file, exactly at that moment I capture those images. Pandorocket.sav
  9. The 2 wires are not connected, but you see in the images below, they have same info, that caused overload and wires started to need repaired The upper line: The lower line: And the line that the lower line supposed to connect to:
  10. I don't know if this is a bug or not In 208689, oxygen spread pretty fast and ballanced but in 210320, they tend to NOT spreading at all, they keep gathering a BIG MASS at 1000-1500g (you see the center of image below is oxygen maker), and then, VERY SLOWLY, they migrate all together to the downright of the base @@
  11. As 2 images below, the 1st one is Ladder, I scrolled to the right, but not scroll back to left Then the 2nd image, I open Door builder, then that happen!
  12. Duplicants: No Eating: sometimes, rarely, they keep working despite "Starving", unassign Job no help! And die Water Fetching: there is a LAKE of water nearby, but they just don't like fetching water from that lake, they keep fetching water from the floor, which is only 1000.0g each time. And die of starving! Please, add option to disable the DNA Printing Gate, I've got enough duplicants but the Gate keep yelling out every a few Cycle! Other bugs: After harvesting Mealwood, Meal Lice doesnot appear , it takes 1 or 2 days for it to appear again on the ground, then be "counted" on storage list The cheap Tile (block water & gas), if built already, and you order to build-over them again, they won't be marked as "pending replace" like you build Tile directly on to natural block, but the no-block-water&gas doesn't, even it is built, if you order to build the same on them again, they still marked as "pending replace" Water + Contaminated Water = Disappear: I had a little Contaminated Water on floor, and Fresh Water dropping from a pipe above, when they mixed, nothing happen. both of them just disappear, the lake never full, Water on storage list not increasing. both of them just disappear!! Thanks for inventing this awesome game, my English is like shjt, but thanks for reading