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  1. I've been trying to see if anyone knows this issue I'm having and no one knows. I bought this game early access along time ago and was never able to get it open. I deleted the old crash folders so It isn't cluttered in the pictures. I've never even gotten to play this game yet. I thought I would retry this issue once again. When I click to open this Oxygen Not Included I get a white screen. If I click once it will go to a black screen, and if I click a third time it brings up the box saying 'Oops!' (See pic down below). I have incorporated pics of the properties in the folder of Oxygen Not Included, all the way to the crash report folders. error OxygenNotIncluded.txt output_log OxygenNotIncluded.txt
  2. Just curious as to any update on this issue?
  3. I will just add pictures as I enter the file, since you said you do not know the contents are. uploaded the error file on that last bit. Hope that helps some. ONI.error.txt
  4. How may I find said crash report folder. For as my name says I get confused; I have never had the opportunity to locate a crash folder before
  5. I'm having almost the same problem to. Just bought the alpha and when I go to open it a message (Picture). Then when I go to click 'OK' it goes to a black screen, a second click gets a white screen and a third brings me to a pop up saying that this program is not working, the it goes back to the Oxygen Not Included page like nothing ever happened.