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  1. What about the problems with Slicksters and Pufts dying for apparently no reason?
  2. Hypothermia Germs have nothing to spread/die/live on they just existed and had ridicilous dying temperatures. How did you not thought about them being a bug? ^^
  3. I was one of the people/maybe the only one having this bug. However, they are still in my world... ._.
  4. Fixed like in "They can't appear no longer" or "They are taken out of the game"? Because they are still in my world. And YES I updated the game.
  5. A few cycles ago I had a problem with a bit of high stress, so one dup with Hypothermia vomitted. Interestingly enough the water had Hypothermia-Germs in it but it seems like they are not fully implemented yet (They do not spread/live/die on any kind of thing and just exist). But exactly that is the problem now because after not taking a look on my base for about half a cycle or so, the bottom half of my base is complettly infested with it and the immune system of my dups is pretty much not existing. And because there is no reasonable temperature or any other way of killing them I can't see those Germs go time soon. I think the spontanious spread could be due to me placing some Algea Terrariums in the water.
  6. So I worked on a Morb-Farm lately and because I have Hydrogen in the room which it is, I made a pocket where it could go. After randomly moving my cursor around the area, I notcied something strange. I was going over an Abyssalite I noticed a red text, so I was going over it again. Guess what I found? There was a Morb INSIDE that block of Ab. I was curious and dug it out just to be scared for a second the moment after because it seems like the Morb was producing contaminated oxygen inside that block and the gas was -272 degrees cold. Luckily the amount seems to be so little that it easily warms up again. And no, the Morb wasn't a buried object, what makes it even stranger.