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  1. It would be giving an alert that food went off if that was the case
  2. The fog is supposed to block your vision, so you don't know what is around you until you dig in that direction. However, if you move the camera around rapidly, the game doesn't render the fog for a frame or two on the "new area" that you've just scrolled into. EDIT: This only works if you scroll Upwards or to the Right. Down and Left work as intended EDIT 2: This seems to work best if the colony has just started. Even a couple of minutes in the revealed sections become smaller. fog of war oxygen not included.mp4
  3. Ah yeah that makes sense actually. Though unless those traits can be lost/acquired after printing, i don't think they should be considered temporary buffs...
  4. As the title says, here's a couple of screenshots: The popup states that Viola's learning skill upgraded to 1, but her stats page say's she's at 6 learning. I believe this is because her starting stats has 5 learning, and the popup didn't account for that when informing me. As the image below shows... Tilly started with 0 Athletics (i think, it was a while ago) and has levelled up a few times, and the popup is correct by saying it's at 4 now. EXTRA: The tooltip for the "priority overlay" button has the same text as the "decor" overlay button.