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  1. airconditioner and liquidconditioner work in the same way. in Assembly-CSharp.dll, i find they both have " temperatureDelta = -14f". it means reduce the temperature of the air/liquid by 14 degree. and " maxEnvironmentDelta = -50f" , i think this is the heat from conditioner. but i cant understand this maxEnvironmentDelta = -50f, anyone know how it works?
  2. Making Steam

    the heat from battery is too less for steam.
  3. Is my Pc Fast enough.

    if your pc will be able to run this game, it will crash soon.
  4. i don't have enough co2 for this
  5. dupe prefer dying to eating

    in pic1: the dupes were keep vomiting, so they dont have any time to eating. but i dont know why it showed " Cannot reach food". the sav was replaced. the dupe in 2nd pic is immortal, he does not need to eat. i dont know how to remake this bug. i have edited Assembly-CSharp.dll to make powertransformor rotatable. but it should not be a problem for save file. 2.sav
  6. ok, the problem of powertransformer is: all the powerconsumers on output side of the powertransformer will be caculated as "on" on the input side, no mater the consumers are disabled or be cutted off by a switch.
  7. the heavy wire is "white", means there is enough power.
  8. 6 fertilizer maker +1 gas bump
  9. Cannot reach food, when they stand at food. dupe want to die.
  10. dupe's ID can not be changed in JOBS&CONSUMABLES list. #217326
  11. valve setting will not be changed by dupe, if there is no liquid/gas through it.
  12. evaporation/condensation in pipe should be based on ligquid/gas temperature, not the pipe temperature.