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  1. What is a good way I can use these? I only just started playing the game again after full launch. The last time I played geysers looked different so I don't know about a lot of the changes. But I did hear about the horror of volcanos heating up the world and wonder if there is any use for 2 of them that are very close together. You can see 1 at the of this screen shot and the other at the bottom.
  2. one other question. have you guys ran into a new duplicate dying as soon as they are born?
  3. Things started going bad at some point in time and there was this one set of stairs i have at the bottom of the screen that hasn't been tampered with all game. Everyone used it. no one got stuck but one of my dups decided to just stand in the water there and drown. later on when i was on the track of fixing things i had a food sortage out of no where even though i had 1 dup focus on the food. Turns out she just stopped making it and decided to deliver materials. So I tried making all of them focus on making food and they just kept delivering materials to the machine. So a new dup had just came around to spawn and he had +6 cooking so i figured i needed that and he died as soon as he spawned. Said it was of starvation. So now I got dups who won't cook or make mush bars and they also won't use the toilets that are available to them. The lavatories are clogged so I learned but the other old school looking toilet was fine and ready to use. I even had them go unclog it and they still wouldn't do it. After wards they stopped building and stuff all together or only started delivering materials. I even set everything but food to priority 1 and they went to run power for out algae makers instead. 89 days in now and only 4 left and non of them well make food still and only deliver materials to stuff. Basically I want to know if this starvation and drowning thing is a bug.