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  1. I have not experienced this with more than one item and action. First I noticed it on the hamster wheel, I would have two, even set at priority 9 (double checked wiring loops) dups would ignore both until one was deconstructed and reconstructed. I have experienced the same thing with two bathrooms, one bathroom will say "In Use" and both become unusable until destroyed and reconstructed. (also double checked plumbing)
  2. I have experienced this with a closed loop filter system. The Lavatory will say "In Use" while no one is in it. (I have two at a time) In order for my dups to use either that one has to be deconstructed and reconstructed. It's fairly annoying and happens often.
  3. I have also experienced this and am experiencing it in my current play-through. I think I have like 10 some-odd seeds.