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  1. 13 hours ago, Moggles said:

    The concentration you have highlighted is 4000+ milligrams.. A bright blue concentration is usually up in the thousands of grams. LIke 1400 grams.

    Although technically 4000+ milligrams of oxygen is breathable. It would only last one breath though.

    Correct, i think the issue here is the misnomer of grams vs mg, I've done it before nbd lol

  2. 5 hours ago, Masterpintsman said:

    I never used the hydrofan as I never had the supercomputer overheat, but could it be that the hydrofan actually needs to be right next to the item to be cooled, opposed to the left next as in your picture? The image of the fan suggests that it would ventilate something to the left of it...

    Not how it works,  the super computer and coal generator overheat excessively regardless right now. 

  3. Here is my save file, Same thing is happening. No way to create mush bars. Dups just keep on pulling good water and then contaminated water no matter how far away it is in comparison to clean water. Once the contaminated hits the musher it cycles over so if you want mush bars you can't have em. ALL of your dups will continue pulling water forever unless they are told to stop, and ignore all other things. No sustainable food source plus not being able to create fried mush bars is rough.

    The Mooples #2 Cycle 71.sav

    Mush Bar WATER DESTROYER.png

  4. 4 minutes ago, Blas88 said:


    No, nothing moves backwards if over-pressurized.

    What do you mean by "filter"? The liquid filter or the water purifier?

    Could you upload one of your saves to check out what is the exact problem?

    The Water Purifier. My closed loop has 2 bathrooms and a shower hooked up to a water purifier. Once the water is in the loop and moving i cut the water off and let it loop indefinitely. Cannot find the issue, been looking for some time. I'll upload an image when I have time.

  5. 9 hours ago, deathwakewa said:

    @Pancakie I had this same problem. I had everyone peeing themselves before I noticed the bug. so saved and loaded the world to try and fix it. It did remove the "In Use" on the lavatories but, I think I had some contaminated water go through the pump.

    I've had this happen in 3 separate games now, Fairly annoying haha.

  6. I Have found this to be true as well, this is fairly frustrating. I just rebuilt these Water Purifiers after they weren't prioritizing them, and they still will not fill them at 9. This is with plenty of Dups and waiting until almost all other tasks are complete (I rarely prioritize, I think they only high priorities on this playthrough at the massage tables.  Don't know what to do, I need to Purify more water at once, I want my second Pump system going! 

    Filtration Medium.png

  7. I have experienced this with a closed loop filter system. The Lavatory will say "In Use" while no one is in it. (I have two at a time) In order for my dups to use either that one has to be deconstructed and reconstructed. It's fairly annoying and happens often.