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  1. This is an amazing bug that I need to try lol
  2. That is hilarious, have a screenshot? It'd be unreachable for me too.
  3. Correct, i think the issue here is the misnomer of grams vs mg, I've done it before nbd lol
  4. Not dumb, but the way you have it set up would do that. You need to make the filter send only hydrogen through using the middle spout and everything else will flow through the end, so just swap your pipes around.
  5. Not how it works, the super computer and coal generator overheat excessively regardless right now.
  6. When they are right next to one another they hear the air much faster than the solid materials around can. Though I agree they overheat too easily it's actually croon the underlying issues around heat vs cold transfer.
  7. If I have ONI Open, even when paused if I open up either Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch (Both Blizzard Games) my 4GB 970 will populate an error saying all VRAM has been used and force close both programs. The Mooples #2.sav
  8. Impossible for it to do that and create 0 steam while at 1500°C
  9. So my Nuetronium swapped to absolute zero... rendering my amazing steam setup completely useless. Seems to be some interesting mechanics with cold stuff this patch lol. Added the Save File. The Mooples #2.sav
  10. I have run into this as well, after a while it just ed turned into ore and blocked in a dup. I didn't catch it in time and they died sacrificed for science.
  11. I have noticed this as well, my puts have not been creating slime at all.
  12. Unsure of why, but I have now tested and confirmed that Heroes of the Storm (not sure if only) crashes when trying to start a new match while ONI is playing. Also, I just tried to launch HOTS while ONI was on and my entire computer Glitched and then Crashed.
  13. I continued my game this morning and all 12 of my Dups were missing the warm sweaters I had provided. Unsure of the cause. will give them all new ones, save and reload to check for accuracy (will save files as well.) (CONFIRMED, WHEN RELOADING SWEATERS ARE GONE.) Along with this I cannot pick up 5 Thimble Fibers Sitting in front of my Storage Container, they just sit there and cycle through having each one in the dups inventory and dropping it before picking up the next. The Mooples #2.sav
  14. Here is my save file, Same thing is happening. No way to create mush bars. Dups just keep on pulling good water and then contaminated water no matter how far away it is in comparison to clean water. Once the contaminated hits the musher it cycles over so if you want mush bars you can't have em. ALL of your dups will continue pulling water forever unless they are told to stop, and ignore all other things. No sustainable food source plus not being able to create fried mush bars is rough. The Mooples #2 Cycle 71.sav
  15. First Issue, my Dup got stuck grasping to an Algae Deoxydizer somehow. Then I deleted it and he was still stuck in midair and wouldn't move! I ended up being able to get him down by building a block under him and deleting it (it bumped him up a tile) before he starved. Second Issue, Just a graphical bug, went down the entire side of the map and through different zones. Third issue I mentioned before, I ended up having to move the filtration system to a different area for them to add sand.
  16. I've had this happen in a non vacuum space. Only when deleting two tiles below it while in my cistern my water effectively halved in volume. Sucked a ton lol.
  17. I Will do that going forward, Didn't even think about that. That save file is long gone now lol.
  18. The Water Purifier. My closed loop has 2 bathrooms and a shower hooked up to a water purifier. Once the water is in the loop and moving i cut the water off and let it loop indefinitely. Cannot find the issue, been looking for some time. I'll upload an image when I have time.
  19. How would a liquid filter solve this? Does the contaminated waste go backwards if the filter is over-pressurized?
  20. I've had this happen in 3 separate games now, Fairly annoying haha.
  21. Well that is interesting. I've had enormous amounts of water just disappear out of my cistern after making it larger.
  22. I just hit 100 and started having and issue with my new Secondary Filtration System, Haven't had any issues up until then. They just won't do it lol no matter the time waited, lack of tasks and or priority level and I have plenty of sand lol.
  23. I Have found this to be true as well, this is fairly frustrating. I just rebuilt these Water Purifiers after they weren't prioritizing them, and they still will not fill them at 9. This is with plenty of Dups and waiting until almost all other tasks are complete (I rarely prioritize, I think they only high priorities on this playthrough at the massage tables. Don't know what to do, I need to Purify more water at once, I want my second Pump system going!