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  1. Nice to be around again! And yeah, he probably is!!
  2. WOW, I haven't been on here in like, a year. or something. Maybe not that long. but ANYWAYS I played some don't starve with my boyfriend tonight and I wanted to make more art soooo here! these are all without reference so sorry if they are inaccurate hah Elizabeth because I haven't drawn her in forever and I still love her. She;s angry cuz now there's a canon character with her real name. (Winona) Wilson because Wilson, he's my boy Webber because he's cute! Wes miming on a nice long couch wendy summoning Abigail I guess? idk haha
  3. Wow, I haven't posted anything up here in ages, dunno why. Anyways, I drew some DS doodles just to try to get back into it again. (Also there are some of my OC please don't hate me)
  4. Quite possibly ;P I'd say for her triumphant her curls get even bigger/kinda go upwards and turn black (wow so edgy please calm down Elizabeth)
  5. Heres a drawing I did of Elizabeth (my OC) looking quite dapper!
  6. UM, OF COURSE!!! As long as I can reply back woth my art!! Maybe we could even get a back and forth going if you wanted to that is hah I wanted to reply to this with a picture but alas, all I have is my phone and no art app hah
  7. THIS IS BEATIFUL!! Wilson x Science forever ;P
  8. Haha nice!! I think it's pretty cute as well! My main ship for Wilson is science though, such a good match Also thank youuu!! Ah, she just get so infuriated when she thinks about him/talks to him/does anything to do with him that it makes her boil and her face gets really hot and her blood rushes to her face (blush haha)
  9. PERFECT PLAN. Elizabeth will love that. Any Maxwell hate time is a good time for her XD AHHH thank you! I see it on a lot of people's art and I wanna try doing it more! Oh wilson, what. Goof! merm: it's not l-like I like you or anything, b-baka!! wilson: *writes down everything the merm says* very interesting, it seems the merm's vocabulary is quite... fascinating.
  10. Wow so weird that I'm posting after so long of not posting! I know nobody asked for her but here is my OC. I didn't try to make her not cliche or anything like that, soo sorry if she is. I will take the time to explain who she is if thats ok. Elizabeth's personality: stubborn serious antisocial analytical obsessive meticulous often rude hard worker geek loves: being right, respect, solving problems, dissecting things, anything new, william, eventually most of the DST chars (particularily Wilson, Wes, eventually Maxwell, Wickerbottom, Willow) gears, clockwork, rain, tallbirds, WX-78's insides dislikes: being wrong, being looked down on, maxwell, sleeping, most people, talking to people about anything that isn't engineering or magic, sexism, loud noises, bad team members here is her backstory if you are at all interested. So Elizabeth Snicket (real name Winona Powell) was adopted by a magician at a very young age, and never went to school with others because it was too risky to have a child learning magic near other kids. They also happened to move around a lot, and her father was usually too busy in his studies. They never had the same place for more than a year, since they were often on the brink of being discovered as real magicians, often due to Elizabeth accidentally demonstrating her learnings, being very young and not knowing the weight of her actions. However, they eventually move to London, England, and Elizabeth was finally old enough to hide her magic, leaving them to stay there for a few years. she starts to become interested in science and engineering at a young age, and so she goes to the library to learn about it. That's where she meets a young aspiring magician named William, about 10 years older than her. They quickly become friends, and Elizabeth quickly becomes overly attached as she got more attention and care from william then her own father. She even went as far as to share her real name with him, which she never does to anyone else. (Winona Powell) Eventually William left for America to make it big, and Elizabeth spent all her time figuring out how to combine her engineering knowledge and her magic. She made little mechanical creatures that were animated and lifelike in her spare time. One day, when she was about 14 or so, she caught word of Williams's death and it devastated her. She secluded herself even more than before, feeling her only friend was dead. Years later, Elizabeth's father suddenly anounces their move to america. Elizabeth, who couldn't care less, follows without complaining, accompanied by her books. Her father, who had grown continuously distant from his daughter, left her at a magic show instead of taking care of her himself. At that magic show, Elizabeth was astounded to find William as the lead act. Questions swirled in her head, and she knew she needed answers. However, before the show had finished, the two performers dissapeared. Other audience members claimed to not know what happened, but Elizabeth knew what she saw. They had been sucked into their magic book. Elizabeth needed to know where they went. William was alive, she just had to find him. Elizabeth spend the next 10+ years looking for answers. The unsolvable problem comsumed her life. She became obsessed with her work, reclusive, and neglectful like her father. Eventually she gets transported to the don't starve world after Maxwell bribes her with answers to her questions. She couldn't refuse. Maxwell doesn't remember her, as it has been an eternity since he has seen her (as a child, mind you) and he has changed so much that a small child he knew at a time would be insignificant anyways. Elizabeth hates Maxwell with a passion because she sees him as the man who killed William, and prefers to pretend william was a different person altogether. It doesn't help that he is a huge ass and trapped her to starve and get attacked and stuff. She doesn't have any interest in making friends, especially after William. Everyone else seems annoying and tedious. She also never learned how to properly socialize, never being around anyone other than her father, so she comes off as rude when she isn't courtious (eg: not making small talk, not replying to someone's question, being very blunt and monotonous etc) GEEZ SORRY THIS IS SO LONG
  11. I'll be honest, I just kept going... most of these are sketches though, so they are far from perfect. They'd be good friends and they'd care about each other but I think of Charlie as a super fun, excited, extroverted girl and sometimes she would be too much for Elizabeth to handle. Everyone's favourite monster boy! Who is he so nervous to give flowers to? It's whoever you decide, really. (Hint: It's Chester, his best friend ever) Cutie patootie mime man!! My OC Elizabeth again. (Sorry don't hate me, I just love drawing her curls) She's thinking about how much she hates Maxwell.
  12. All hail the queen! (this is just a quick sketch)
  13. THANK YOU! I'll probably post more of her soon. I was a bit shy to before, haha
  14. AHHH thanks! You are right! Thanks so much for the tips, I'll make sure to incorporate them in my next futile attempt! ;D
  15. I can't draw him for the life of me but this isn't too bad