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  1. Hey.

    So I'm back, just temporarily, because I've been wanting to apologize for leaving without reason, and as well for the times I feel that I sorta came off as somewhat rude, arrogant, and/or demanding. 

    Honestly, looking back on this profile I don't really see "Astroknot" as me anymore. I only ever went by the name on the Klei Forums, so maybe that's one reason, and also because I feel like I've changed a lot since my brief time here on the forums as well.

    Anyways, I came back to say that I'm sorry if I left anyone wondering about why I left, but if I remember part of the reason was that I just lost interest in Don't Starve (I've regained interest since then but that's besides the point), and the major reason is actually that I started to feel like I came off as somewhat rude towards some in the past in "Suggestions & Feedback", and quite demanding towards the devs with my "Shipwrecked Characters" threads, and eventually kinda felt like I just wanted to start all over on a new profile (never did in the end by the way).

    Not too long after, I just gave up on this profile, moved on, and continued to lurk the forums as a anonymous user like I had before making this account. Now I know that the people I am trying to apologize to here will likely never see this, and the people who will won't understand why I feel like I must apologize, but I've needed to clear my mind about this for some time now so that's why I'm here.

    To end off, I'm truly sorry to anyone who I may have come off as rude and/or demanding towards, and while the posts I remember making of this nature are seemingly not showing up on my profile as with many of my other posts, I feel I must apologize anyway as I think its the right thing to do.

    This will be the last thing I likely will post under this name. While it's entirely possible I will come back to these forums someday under a new name, It would likely be just for posting bug reports like I was originally using this account for.

    Anyway that's it I guess, bye to all who I had interacted with here during my brief time on these here forums, and I wish you all farewell.

    The End.