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  1. Hi guys! I need a little help, does anyone have a pic with Wilson saying "ah yes the floor is made out of floor"? Would really appreciate.
  2. Hello. I've seen preivous reports about that bug and going to add my report too. In game sound starts become very laggy if 2-3 sounds or more are coming simultaneously in the game.
  3. The last DS update in steam that downloaded a few hours ago seems to fix that problem.
  4. After the new update of the Hamlet, I was faced with the problem of calling Abigail from a flower. When you kill a creature during an appeal you recive -50 sanity as always but abigal wont appear and you can't pick her flower, creature than you killed just freezes and spear from the speargun freezes as well for some reason. With some mods game just crashes as soon as you try to make her apear. Log and screenshots included.