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  1. Still sounds like the pipe will get blocked up when the buffer of the hydrogen generator is filled. Can't test since I'm not home yet.
  2. Yep, it was a bit of a relief...I had buried tiles all over my old base. It was beginning to look rather unsightly.
  3. That was for non-TU. Since the beginning of TU, 0.0kg continued to drop but could be emptied.
  4. Well, you didn't have to do that since the beginning of TU as you could empty them. But now hopefully they won't even drop.
  5. Excellent. I'm glad the oxylite bug was high priority.
  6. I hope this is high priority to be fixed. This is bad if their simulation is not deterministic at all time factor.
  7. [thermal exp]Food store mechanics.

    Or store it under CO2 and be done with it.
  8. Apparently, partial submersion is working and allowing heating beyond rated use of 85C.
  9. Liquid tepidizer does not recognize being submerged in liquid oxygen. Normally 600kg of water or contaminated water is needed for the object to operate. This is 75% of a full tile of liquid. 75% of a full tile of liquid oxygen is 375 kg. Screen shot shows a fully submerged object and yet it does not turn on.
  10. Was deconstructing tiles then game crashed. Fobs-Test Cycle 528.sav
  11. Dupes will attempt to carry as many items marked for sweep as possible and make a delivery at the sweep only storage. They partially deliver their load but drop the rest on the ground.
  12. Per title. They suck all day long but nothing comes out the other end. The reason is it seems it plays the animation but is not actually sucking any gas.
  13. Also, appearantly you can boil dirty water now. Just need to use the right material to make the buildings to raise overheating temperature.
  14. Are you sure? I swear I observe hydrogen generator working using its reserves instead of what is in the pipe.
  15. You guys are an absolute hoot. I'm sure they will balance the numbers again. Be happy while it lasts.