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  1. I think that's pretty obvious at this point
  2. I logged on yesterday to find that my volume was on, which is odd because I usually mute the game because I like to listen to music and videos while I play, but I didn’t think much of it. But when I went to host a game, every single one of my saved worlds were just gone! All of my keybind settings were set to default. I set my Map button to Tab because Im used to regular Don’t Starve, and I check my controls and it’s back to M. All of my equipped curio stuff was reset too. Like, my portrait frames, my icons, vignettes, and my equipped clothes and skins. I mean I have everything and I can reequip them, of course, but it’s like I started on a brand new computer. All my other games were fine. Don’t Starve Alone was fine. But DST was not. It’s worth noting that I did log into another computer that day. It didn’t transfer any of my files but I expected that. I did this before and had no problems. It may also be worth noting that I updated my other computer, an iMac and I ended up with the desktop files ob my Macbook on my iMac. It was sooo much fun getting that back together when Apple didn’t even ask me, but I’m wondering if my DST files got mixed up? But again, my Don’t Starve files were absolutely fine. What happened?? What can I do?
  3. So I was playing in a Don't Starve world, died, and revived via touchstone. I saved and quit afterwards, and it's been a few days since I've played that world. And now I don't remember where I died or how to find my dead body. Is there a command to teleport me to it?
  4. Nyla has too many ideas

    *Curb Your Enthusiasm blasts* This hits too close to home for Webber. This is actually a line in the game and I was like, "....UM." (If anyone is wondering what the font is, it's "Belisa Plumilla Manual")
  5. Nyla has too many ideas

    Thank you Yeah, I thought it would be interesting if the broken jaw caused his tongue to sort of loll out
  6. Nyla has too many ideas

    So I thought it would be cool if Wortox's survivor skin had a crooked jaw, and I decided to draw it! Alternate version: I'm really proud of this! I haven't drawn with a tablet in months prior to this, so I'm still a bit rusty.
  7. Return of Them Status Update

    No worries at all!! Take your time. Though I will admit that I do miss the old DST water. It fit more with the papery style in my opinion. I would like to see that brought back.
  8. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    So it seemed to work at first, however, when I logged into my world it restarted my world. It was a hamlet world so I'm not sure if it was supposed to restart? This is what my 219740 folder looks like. I accidentally pasted some of the stuff in there and I was too scared to remove it. when I pasted the world into the remote folder, I hit "Replace" when it asked about duplicates. Do you have any idea of where I went wrong? Steam Cloud is off for DS, by the way This is what my interiors folder looks like: Sorry to trouble you with this ^^'
  9. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    I found the "dlc_porkland_interiors" folder. Would I just drag all of them out and place them in the "remote" folder?
  10. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    How exactly would I do that?
  11. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    Okay, I'll try! thanks a million! Quick Question: how to i import my saves from the beta to the nonbeta?
  12. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    I mean, I do get a popup where it's says it unexpectedly quit, but it's not from the game itself. It's this kind of popup: (Except it's obviously for Don't Starve. I just googled this sort of popup, this isn't the one I actually got. I could take a screenshot of it next time it happens) I do have mods enabled. However, they're more tweaks and I don't have problems when I play regular Don't Starve or ROG. They are the Geometric Placement mod, the Extended Map Icons mod, Map Reveal Radius, Wormhole Marks, and a Reset Camera View mod. If it helps, I'm also in the Hamlet-interiors beta.
  13. I've experienced constant crashes throughout weeks of playing Hamlet. It sometimes occurs when I leave caves or the Slanty Shanty But it ESPECIALLY occurs when leaving the BFB cave. It always happens and it's exhausting to have to save and quit before doing anything. Since Hamlet is almost ready, I thought it would be good to mention that this is occurring, especially constantly. Update: I just tried entering a cave cleft and it crashed :I
  14. Nyla has too many ideas

    Aw, thanks buddy! That was done on purpose because Willow has white, pupiless eyes in game and I kind of wanted to translate the same sort of look.