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  1. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    So it seemed to work at first, however, when I logged into my world it restarted my world. It was a hamlet world so I'm not sure if it was supposed to restart? This is what my 219740 folder looks like. I accidentally pasted some of the stuff in there and I was too scared to remove it. when I pasted the world into the remote folder, I hit "Replace" when it asked about duplicates. Do you have any idea of where I went wrong? Steam Cloud is off for DS, by the way This is what my interiors folder looks like: Sorry to trouble you with this ^^'
  2. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    I found the "dlc_porkland_interiors" folder. Would I just drag all of them out and place them in the "remote" folder?
  3. Hey so I'm trying to do the same thing here and I wanted to know where I need to move the dlc_porkland_interiors files. Also do I drag all the files out? by the way what do you mean by life branch?
  4. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    How exactly would I do that?
  5. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    Okay, I'll try! thanks a million! Quick Question: how to i import my saves from the beta to the nonbeta?
  6. Crashing Issues, especially when exiting caves or rooms

    I mean, I do get a popup where it's says it unexpectedly quit, but it's not from the game itself. It's this kind of popup: (Except it's obviously for Don't Starve. I just googled this sort of popup, this isn't the one I actually got. I could take a screenshot of it next time it happens) I do have mods enabled. However, they're more tweaks and I don't have problems when I play regular Don't Starve or ROG. They are the Geometric Placement mod, the Extended Map Icons mod, Map Reveal Radius, Wormhole Marks, and a Reset Camera View mod. If it helps, I'm also in the Hamlet-interiors beta.
  7. I've experienced constant crashes throughout weeks of playing Hamlet. It sometimes occurs when I leave caves or the Slanty Shanty But it ESPECIALLY occurs when leaving the BFB cave. It always happens and it's exhausting to have to save and quit before doing anything. Since Hamlet is almost ready, I thought it would be good to mention that this is occurring, especially constantly. Update: I just tried entering a cave cleft and it crashed :I
  8. First attempt at drawing Wilson

    Aw, thanks buddy! That was done on purpose because Willow has white, pupiless eyes in game and I kind of wanted to translate the same sort of look.
  9. HOLY CRAP I AM HYPED UP AS HELL- ...and i got homework to do Tomorrow's Friday at least... Also, will Wormwood get some quote reworks? I really don't like Wormwood's quotes at all. It's the reason I don't like Wormwood; he's a piece of cardboard. I know a lot of people like him but one of if not the main reason I love Don't Starve is because of the characters, and how much charm the world has. So maybe his quotes matter more to me than others. I'm sorry, but they're really bad.
  10. First attempt at drawing Wilson

    Another image, my bad sorry:
  11. First attempt at drawing Wilson

    So I decided to do a few sketches of Wilson and Willow: Both of their hair makes me want to throw myself off a bridge. I never thought Willow's hair would be hard to draw BUT HERE WE FRICKIN ARE I also drew both Willow and Wilson! Thanks a million @minespatch for giving me advice on drawing my favorite dork! good lord my sketches are messsy
  12. First attempt at drawing Wilson

    Oh my gosh thank you so much!! Actually, you're right. I did draw each part separately. Right, because of perspective and stuff! I didn't notice that, thank you! Thank you so much for the kind words Aw, thank you!
  13. First attempt at drawing Wilson

    Oh, okay! Thanks! What do you mean?
  14. This is my first attempt at drawing Wilson. I've also decided to experiment with hand and clothing folds. I'm actually really proud of this! If you guys have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it!