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  1. Hamlet Disappointment

    Well it's not the end of the world if I can't, like the other guy said "it's just 7 bucks" but the Steam policy says this about refunds "Pre-purchased Titles: Before the release of a title, you will get a refund based on 14 days and two hour refund period. It starts from the release date of the game." And I'm assuming the release date means the official release so I'll give it a try anyway
  2. Hamlet Disappointment

    So what? Sure it's just $7 but it's also a question of principle to me. They're a company, and as a costumer, I don't owe them anything. They're not entitled to my money if they don't deliver a finished product, whether it's 7, 60 or 200 dollars.
  3. Hamlet Disappointment

    Well you could very well be right and I might enjoy it but I'm not familiar with the Steam refund. I don't think I'd be eligible for a refund if I play long enough to make a proper judgement. I'm not even sure if I can refund it since I bought it months ago but their policy seems to mention 14 days after the official release. I might have to do what I usually do and "burrow a friend's copy" to try it and see if it's worth purchasing.
  4. Hamlet Disappointment

    Disclaimer first, I haven't tried the Hamlet DLC yet but I've played all the other DLCs + DST for at least 300 days each. I've been checking the forum from time to time throughout the development and watching gameplay on youtube though. I bought Hamlet in February but like I said I haven't even created a world since. I was patiently waiting for the official release so that I could have the "full" experience at lauch for the first time since I was late to the Don't Starve "party" with the previous games. Anyway.. So I was finally readying myself to finally try it today but for some reason decided to come check the forum first and see how it was received. And oh boy... It's sad because Hamlet looked so promising in beta with lots of potential but it seems now that all this waiting was mostly for nothing and that this DLC is still, and will potentially remain, unfinished. It's unfortunate because from I gathered here on the forums, I'm actually one of the few costumers who actually paid for this DLC and I'm usually against pre purchase but I trusted Klei to deliver what they promised... Hamlet doesn't seem bad, just unfinished. I would've been fine with yet another delay but since it's apparently the official release well, I'm considering a refund for the first time ever. This is not what I waited and paid for unless I'm missing something?
  5. I didn't think about taking a screenshot and I didn't know it wasn't meant to drop but I got WX-78's Hallowed Night skin "The Unfinished" from my first daily drop. I've also just got another daily drop for logging in after steam went offline for a bit...