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  1. Shower water usage

    Man, you just did me more mess in it than before There is 1 bubble of 10 kg water input, and output is like 10 bubbles each of them with 10 kg of water in that bridge.
  2. Shower water usage

    You mean the input of the shower ? There is no more description on it. Could you post a picture or something ?
  3. Shower water usage

    I still dont know where you are pointing at. At the storage of a shower ? Or on a liquid vent ? Btw the toilets are also broken from my point of view made and edit on a post above.
  4. Shower water usage

    When I mouse over a bubble it clearly says, it contains 10 kg of water on input side and 1 kg of contaminated on output. xxx Toilets is working properly, there is a storage of 5 kg of water. Input is 10 Kg per bubble and output is 5 kg of contaminated water. And only one bubble of water is input per use. xxx - Wrong Edit: When i am thinking about it, toilet is also weird. When you have 5 kg of water in storage, that water is after use flushed down into 5kg of contaminated water. Input should be 5 kg, or a bubble of 10 kg of water should be for 2 use. Instead of that, it uses 10kg of water per 1 use and 5 kg of water disappear.
  5. Shower water usage Right there, its actually the same problem as for showers, when Duplies are using it. Well I will need to wait to research the pipe valve As for shower, when I looked closely in my game, it intakes one bubble 10 kg of water and was outputting 1 bubble of 1.000g contaminated water every buble tick on both sides when used. There is sometimes a break every 3 or 4 bubles, but again on both sides of shower (intake/output). I really dont see a situation, that it intake 1 buble of 10kg water, and outputs 10 bubles of 1.000g of contaminated water. Which should be doing. I dont know if bubles in pipes have bad description about how much water they are holding. From my point of view its looking that 9kg of water per buble is disappearing.
  6. Hello, I dont know if its known, but shower is taking 9kg of water when used. Intake is 10kg/s and output is 1.000g/s contaminated water. I am also afraid that toilet does the same. Save is included. Shower is disabled atm. Great game. Keep up the good work ! Doupe.sav